Chennai to Rameshwaram – Post experience – Part I of IV

When we crossed the Pamban Bridge (that connects Rameswaram island with rest of India), a local at a petty shop asked us where we came from.. we replied ‘Chennai’. He said ‘I mean, where are U cycling from?’.. ‘Yes..Chennai’ we repeated. His reaction was ‘what are U saying??’ along with an expression of total disbelief.. and a smile! Looking back, when Ragavendra first proposed the idea of a cycle trip from Chennai to Rameswaram, I too did not take it seriously. As the build-up and preparation started, I still thought ‘OK.. we shall go as far as we can.. and then, load the cycles in a bus or truck and reach Rameswaram’. As the days grew near, the determination to make it slowly set-in. I was in it for the experience.. the experience of visiting places I had not been to (Poompuhar, Tranquebar fort, Rameswaram temple etc..) and the chance to meet people from different walks of life and view life from their perspective. Ragavendra was more of a ‘purist’.. he seemed to be in it primarily for the cycling experience. If somebody offered a lift or some kind of support, I was inclined to take it as I counted it as yet another experience.. but he was particular that we ‘pedaled’ the entire 700 odd KMs. Also, he rides with proper cycling gear – jersey, helmet and the like. I prefer lose T-Shirts and a cap. He is a strong guy who can press the pedal really hard and ride at high speeds.. I am more of a gentle rider and prefer average speed of 15 kmph. He likes to take long breaks and sleep hard.. I like to keep riding and want wake up before sun-rise so that we can be in the outdoors as the sun peeps out.. he is internet savvy and is always doing something on his mobile browser..
while I prefer to keep my phone switched off for most part of the day. He takes care of grooming himself before a ride so that he looks smart in photographs.. while I do not even notice if the room we are staying in has a mirror or not! With all these contrasts, we got together for one memorable ride that was as enriching as 5 days can ever be.. there were times during the journey – especially during day 3 – when we thought we were being over-ambitious by attempting 700+ KMs of riding. In the end, everything seemed magical and almost unbelievable.. we could not actually believe that we were going to complete the planned trip from Chennai to Rameswaram – entirely fuelled by the human energy of pedaling!



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