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          Southern Riders is an informal open group of cyclists and Trekkers from South Chennai. ‘Informal’ because there are no memberships or rules except security measures and ‘open’ because we are always making new friends and doing fresh rides/treks. Southern Riders intends to be a platform for the ‘young at heart’ to make working/living in the city enjoyable and healthy by mixing off-road experiences and physical activities during week-ends. Get in touch and join the ride!

          We do week-end rides starting mostly from the Medavakkam / Sholinganallur area and ride along the ECR, OMR or GST routes. Sunday morning rides are particularly popular and average distance covered is between 60 and 100 KMs. These end up being practice rides for the grand annual rides that end up being 600+ KMs over 5 days. Successful annual rides includes trips from Chennai to Rameshwaram via ECR, Chennai to Ooty via Hogenakkal, Coimbatore to Kanyakumari via Kochi, Bangalore to Goa via Chitradurga. We prefer to keep these rides informal with no back-up vans or extensive arrangements that take out the adventure element from the rides.

          Trekking is a monthly activity at Southern Riders. The usual trekking destinations are Thiruvannamalai, Paravathamalai and Velliangiri. We also do Kumara Parvatha in Karnataka, Sathuragiri in south Tamil Nadu and occasionally, plan visits to the Himalayas. Treks are also kept informal with announcements in the ‘events’ section of this site and interested participants get together at a common location and start. Regular monthly treks are confined to 1 day or a maximum of 2 days during the weekend.

We are an active group in Facebook and keep our blog page updated with our experiences. You are welcome to join or write to us about anything on Cycling, Trekking or other outdoor activities you have a taste for...!

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